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There are two types of characterization that the author uses to describe and reveal the attributes or way that the character is. The author uses direct and indirect characterization to reveal the feeling of a character. Direct characterization the author tells the ready the characters personality and traits unlike indirect where the ready has find the characters personality. The central theme in the story “Everyday use” is the value of heritage and identity. Direct and indirect characterization of the three main characters helps reveal this theme because the reader uses direct and indirect characterization to reveal each of the characters feeling on what each one of them thinks heritage means to them. Alice Walker “Everyday use” is a short story that reveals family tradition, jealousy, and family heritage by using direct and indirect characterization. This story centers on a family who is waiting for a visit from a successful daughter. Dee is educated and has a greater value and perspective of life because of her success. Dee asks her mother for the quilts that were hand made from her grandmother and mamma replies to Dee that she had already promised to give them to her other sister. Dee then argues that Maggie, her other sister will not value and treasure the quilt. The central theme of the story is the value of heritage and identity of each of the characters by using direct and indirect characterization to identify each of the characters actual feelings towards each other and the quilt. The author uses direct characterization when mamma describes Maggie as insecure and jealous of her older sister Dee because she was able to escape the house when it was burning. Maggie’s direct characterization is shown to the reader through her... ... middle of paper ... ...nt for the reader to use direct and indirect characterization because the reader has to understand all of the characters true personality. Using indirect characterization the reader learned that Dee was not ignorant of her family heritage just because she left her home. Using indirect characterization the reader also identified that mamma may have felt oppressed and jealous of Dee because she had moved on with her life and got an education. The story is not just about a random quilt, it the value and history that it holds that was so important to Dee. The reader learned each of the characters true personality by using direct and indirect. This is important because the reader has to see both sides of the character the way it is described and the way it really is. Maggie directly described Dee as isolated and selfish but indirectly Dee cared about her family heritage.

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