Eveline Gender Roles

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Throughout previous class periods in English, I’ve encountered a lot of class discussion about gender role in the recent units we’ve read. Since the beginning of the era when gender quality came upon there has always been an issue. These problems people face have been expressed in their daily living. Several authors such as Eveline, Charlotte Gilman, Virginia Woolf, and Mary Leapor have well-known writings on gender issues. In their writings, they express how they felt about the issues of the gender and what they’ve experienced while being held to an expectation.
In the story of Eveline, Eveline has been portrayed as daughters should be just like their mothers. Eveline is a young lady at the age of 19. She had faced many conflicts that left
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It is obvious that Eveline is held accountable due to cultural expectations. Though, Eveline had the right mindset she just didn’t have the guzzlers to do so. Her father is an unreliable man. Her father cares so much about alcohol he is oblivious that he is pulling his kids away from him. Sadly, he seems to always find a way to her heart that leaves room for sympathy and fear when she engages in living for the better. Eveline only wanted one thing was to see her family but her father would not allow it. This leaves Eveline to suffocating thoughts she doesn’t cope with well. She will drive out thoughts that make her life distraught. Only strength she can be relied on is her imagination of escape. Eveline had been outcast as the weaker sex just like other women. Males role always were known as the aggressive type. During those time of years it was right for a man to be the head, the protector, and provider. Women tend to be the home overseers and they had no option but to cater to their husbands, provide food, stability, and care. In this time of gender expectation, women had no say so. They were the last resort for anything. As stated in her story, “This indifference or concealed hostility of…show more content…
Gilman focuses on a sense in why gender roles consequences are made by male-dominated societies back in the nineteenth century. Gilman represents a marriage in which the narrator and her husband are trapped because of their irresponsibility. Because of this the narrator and her husband fail to come to an agreement. The woman suffers from a disorder called, post pardon syndrome. Due to this syndrome instead of her husband loving her, he tends to misguide her by loving her at a distance. Since her disorder is handle misunderstood by a physician, John who is her husband. He considers the best treatment will be the “rest cure.” At the time gender roles were a tad bit rigid. Silly to say that John, the physician is the person that people consider the serious person to go to. In this reading, you can see how Gilman is struggling to defend her argument on the reason male and female gender role has such a negative effect. The woman is being overwhelming by her emotions because it’s like her husband the one who supposed to care for her is taking her as a joke. She says her husband” “hates to have [her] write a word” (5)—and wallpapering her room (6). John is afraid for his wife to write only because he feels this will rekindle her thoughts of being a mother and wife again. Like before women aren’t the ones that will be the stronghold. “It is so hard to talk with