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Evaluation of Thesis “Information needs analysis and information seeking behaviour of Entrepreneurs : with special reference to women” by Durga Murari 1. Presentation and Clarity: The text used in this thesis is user friendly, which makes reading easy. The style of writing is precise, simple and direct. Chapter No.4 i.e., Selected Case Studies is presented very well just like a story of an interviewee. Proper Numbering is given to list of Tables and Figures, to help the reader for easy location, cross reference etc. The style used is economic i.e. without unnecessary duplication or repetition. The bibliography and reference list is accurate; reader can retrieve the source for more information and further reference. Spacing, punctuation, spelling, margin, pagination etc. is followed properly. Annexure i.e. Questionnaire and Transcript Format – Sample Transcript (In Format) will be guidance for the reader. 2. Integration and Coherence: There are logical and rational links between all the components of the thesis. Arrangement of contents part of the thesis is sequential & linked properly. 3. Originality and Creativity: Very little is known of the information behaviour of the Indian Entrepreneurs and work needs to be done in this field. This study focuses on the nature of information needed by entrepreneurs and the sources used by them. 4. Review of Relevant Literature: The present study on information needs and information seeking behavior lay at the confluence of two main fields, information studies and entrepreneurship. The Literature Review chapter briefly describes the most relevant literature. It begins with the specific areas of entrepreneurship - role of entrepreneurship in India, gender difference in entrepreneurship... ... middle of paper ... ... highly focused. The study was given direction by studying the difficulties people had recognized for getting information, which indicates generally low level of information literacy skills. The study gave several action points like efforts needed to improve information literacy skills, improved access to information, better information consolidation & repackaging and required changes in LIS teaching and research. Several areas for further research are also given by the researcher i.e. study of personality of the entrepreneurs and its effect on information-seeking and information use. Another study could be to analyze the quality of information from different sources and some other points regarding future work are given by the researcher. 9. Contribution To knowledge: This study gives direction in providing value-added information service to the entrepreneurs.
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