Evaluation of Health System Verses Performance

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According to Neuhauser (1990) performance refers to attaining the set goals within an organization. It entails a process where members of staff working towards achieving the business objectives within the set parameters. It’s a collective approach that can be used by management in the organization to appraise the staff and ascertain workers the processes available are able to do what the firm has set to provide quality service. It involves bringing into line the managerial goals with the workers' established actions, proficiency, capability, experience, requirements, growth strategies and the deliverance of outcomes. This emphasizes on enhancement, erudition and progression so as to attain the general company strategies and to generate an increased performance labor force. A service quality measurement process in any health institution is an important element. It is strongly associated with staff performance, objectives and strategies set by the health facility (Berwick, 2000). The common liked approaches to the measurement of the health service provision include structure measure, process measure, and outcome measure. They are used in certain situations to ascertain if a given process is well structured, can be measure its outcome and if indeed the process is valuable to the clients (Donabedian, 1966). Procedure measurement is a significant instrument quality assessment and service provision improvement in a health care institution. However, the approach does not go without limitations where not all processes in the system can be assessed to satisfaction. By default every clinical process cannot be assessed to the level of understanding the underlying activities. They are restricted to what can be assessed and what is easily ass... ... middle of paper ... ...ture from admitting area) Number of insurance payment denials due to inaccurate or incomplete insurance information. References Berwick, D. M. (2000). Patients and health systems. London: Macmillan. Brooks, R. H., (1998). US health care improvement. London: Macmillan Publishers. Brooks, R. H., McGlynn, E. A., & Cleary, P. D. (1996). Healthcare quality measurements. London: Macmillan Publishers. Donabedian, J.M. (1966). The healthcare quality. How to measure. London: Oxford University Press. McDowell, I. (1996). Healthcare measurement. London: Macmillan. McGlynn, E. A. (2003). The quality of healthcare. New York: Oxford University Press. Neuhauser, D. (1990). The outcomes in healthcare. Chicago: London: CUP. Donabedian, J.M. (1966). The healthcare quality. How to measure. London: Oxford University Press.
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