Evaluation Process For An Education System

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The evaluation process for an education system, no matter the school district across any state or nation can be a difficult process to potentially implement or even understand. During the early portion of this decade the state of Michigan wanted to overall and implement broader goals for teacher evaluation, which was included in the teacher tenure law of 2011. School districts with in the state of Michigan were now were to determine “teacher effectiveness and ratings, as measured by student achievement and growth data, are factored into teacher retention, promotion, and termination decisions” (Legislature, 2011). With higher stakes and added pressure on the evaluative process of educators in the state of Michigan, school districts across the state have spent a tremendous amount of effort to implement these new reforms with fidelity and equality. Sault Area Public Schools, located in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan is a district of 2300 students across six school buildings, with nine administrators who primarily evaluate the teaching staff. The process for which the school district implemented the new evaluation system was a daunting undertaking, as administrators before the law change only were required to evaluate non-tenured teaching staff yearly, with all others on a three year cycle of evaluation. In partnership with the local intermediate school district, the district created a new evaluation system for all teachers that is based on McRel model for evaluation, in a combination with the TalentEd software. The evaluation system requires district teaching staff to set goals for the school year, most are academic based, while others maybe professional growth based, must meet a minimum of three times with observing administrator... ... middle of paper ... ...eachers have the same ability levels (which they don’t), then they should all be paid the same rate, which obviously they are not. Based on the data to which 97% of teachers were found to be at least effective, then one could concluded that more work is needed to help administrators become more adept to the evaluation process. The evaluation process in education has become a massive reform effort over the course of the past decade, all educators must not think of evaluation as a tool to remove ineffective teachers, but vastly more important a tool used to help increase effectiveness and encourage positive growth. As a classroom teacher, I have been the subject of countless evaluations, when I finally began to accept that the actions that took in my classroom instruction were not personal attacks on myself, then I was able to grasp the feedback that we being given.

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