Evaluation Of Education In Russell Baker's School Vs. Education

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After going through high school and now being in college, I have realized that high school can be sort of a joke because it often does not fill its mission. High schools waste students valuable time, on drilling unimportant information and enforcing pointless rules. Students should use that time to be getting educated for the real world and not to just pass a test. Although preparing for standardized testing is very important, schools need to focus on educating students on how the world works. Many aspects go into creating an effective high school program. For example, money plays a big part in the quality of teachers. Also the school’s location and size can be a deciding factor whether a student gets a good education or not. The two essays,…show more content…
Education,” Russell Bakers main argument is that schools are not educating kids the proper way. Baker believes that schools focus solely on testing and showing kids how to give the test givers the answers they want. That causes students to basically memorize the information long enough to pass a test and not actually comprehend the information. I completely agree with Baker. He also finds that most high schools focus too much on getting young adults ready for college. Another problem with high school is kids may be smart but do not excel during test taking, so the teacher does not see that kid as a smart student. This may lead to the teacher acting as if this student is not as intelligent as others. If a student picks up on that, which often happens, that student may think he is not as intelligent as the other kids. The child may wonder “what is the point of school, besides attendance?” (Baker 225) If a student has a positive outlook on his own intelligence, then that student may do better than if he thought he was intellectually behind his classmates. There needs to be a reason for kids to go to…show more content…
Although Sherry is a teacher she had not seen the tactic that was used on her son by one of his own teachers. Her son was a high school senior who sat in the back of the class and did not participate in class the way he should. “I don’t move seniors, she said, I flunk them.” (Sherry 216) This tactic is a little harsh, but the essay shows you that if a student is threatened with failure he often will make himself achieve more than, if he was just passed on through the class. It worked for Sherry’s son because he ended up finishing the class with an A after he got threatened to be failed. “In Praise of The F Word” is a perfect example as to why the ZAP program in my school is a pointless program that is actually hurting their students in the long run. Seeing unimportant programs and rules like this, makes kids not take high school serious. Although that is just one example, from one school, there are several different unimportant issues’ that also cause students to think of high school as a
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