Evaluation Of A Teacher Evaluation

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The topic of teacher evaluation is a never ending area of ongoing growth for school districts and state departments of education. Many teachers I have spoken with feel the evaluations are unfair and do not really evaluate the teacher on what is happening in the classroom on a daily basis. Also, the snapshot that is currently used does not clearly identify what has happened during the current school year since testing, a large portion of the evaluation process, is completed two thirds of the way through the school year. This paper will include a summary of interviews completed with two colleagues, a current teacher evaluator and a teacher. When asked about whether the teacher evaluation instrument captures the important aspects of a teacher’s role, the respondents had similar viewpoints. They both mentioned first that it doesn’t cover all of the important aspects of teaching. However, the teacher spoke about the evaluator not really getting a true picture of the day to day business in the classroom, but rather just a snapshot and the yearly goal progress. The evaluator feels like it captures the teaching role and what the teacher is supposed to be doing in the classroom, she placed great emphasis on the pre- and post-observation conversations. She feels she gets a better understanding of the planning thought process, and discussions of the conversations that took place during the class. The piece that she feels is missing is a broader link to the professionalism. She feels that there is no place to include when a teacher says or does something inappropriate, even attendance, it is missing those professional pieces that you would think would be embedded into the process. To include these missing links, the evaluator stat... ... middle of paper ... ... For the evaluator, she was very clear, and feels it has its own strengths and weaknesses. She said the tool provides the evaluator an opportunity for growth, and hopefully, the teacher will realize this is not the right position for them and resign on his or her own terms. Also, she feels that the process otherwise takes a long time, three years is a long time for students to be impacted by somebody who is not strong. It seems the evaluation tool has many strengths, and some opportunities that would not be difficult to implement. More time in the classroom, better training for teachers to understand what is being considered during the evaluation process and for the evaluator to include areas of growth not related to student growth. The evaluators seem to have a firm grip on what is being evaluated, but that information needs to be better conveyed to teachers.
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