Evaluation Of A Montessori Nursery School

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The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate a Montessori Nursery School’s (MS) provision for boys to mark make with the aim of improve the provision offered to the children attending the MS. The work in progress will operate with a primae facie (Thomas, G. 2013) question ‘How to encourage boys’ participation in mark making in a Montessori school?’ The aim of this dissertation is to discover and modify techniques which inspires boys to actively join in with mark making (MM) which could have beneficial outcomes in their learning to write (Bruehl, M. 2011). This proposal will give a structure to the on-going work for the dissertation. The objectives will be clearly stated with a view that they will be followed as closely as possible. There will be a review of the literature that has been used to formulate the ideas and praxis of the researcher that will triangulate and evaluate research that has been produced on this subject. The research is supported by the theorist Dr Maria Montessori (Pound, L. 2006) as the research is being undertaken in a school that follows her pedagogical theories and the research project will aim to be child led, with ‘enabling environments’ (Cigman. J. 2014.pxxiv) (Pound, L. 2006) that follow the children’s interests. The ethics of the research will be clearly stated as it is fundamental to all research projects that the stakeholders are knowledgeable about the project and the ramifications of taking part, also what risks they maybe encountering (BERA. 2011). The methodology will be explained as the data gathering must be ethically gathered and sensitively handled (BERA. 2011) and the methods used will be justified.
The objectives of this dissertation are many and the initial objective is to analyse ...

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...ods, not just observations, will mitigate the ‘Hawthorn Effect’ (Cherry, K. 2015) as it will provide an important offset against any variables of being observed and the ways they might change the way children react with new materials.
The contingency plan is to start the pilot project in February 2016 which allows a week extra to tailor the programme to suit the boys.
In conclusion the dissertation will observe a group of boys as they are introduced to new materials in the expectation that they will be encouraged to MM. The literature review will encompass several key themes which are Montessori pedagogy, MM and boys engagement in education. The research will aim to be as ethical as possible and to treat all stakeholders with respect (BERA. 2011). The methodology chosen is the method which should produce the most exacting results and be less open to interpretation.

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