Evaluating the Current Law on Abortion

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Evaluating the Current Law on Abortion An abortion is the ending of a pregnancy before the foetus is developed enough to survive outside of the womb (viability). Abortion can be accidental (miscarriage) or deliberate (termination). The legal definition of ‘Abortion’ is the intentional destruction of the foetus in the womb, or any untimely delivery brought about with intent to cause the death of the foetus (William, textbook, 252) Medical definition is the removal or expulsion of the products of conception before, but after, the foetus is ‘viable’ (Butterworths Medical dictionary 2nd edn 1978) However, most people are referring to the medical termination of pregnancy when they talk about abortion. It is apparent that abortion is a medical procedure, but I intend to, in general look at the legal and ethical aspects of abortion. Abortion used to be a crime and in Ireland and some other countries it still is. Before the abortion act, totally unqualified people carried out a large number of ‘back-street’ abortions out each year. Performed in horrific conditions, these illegal abortions sometimes resulted in death. Thousands of women were permanently harmed with life-long infertility a frequent result. If this criteria is fulfilled the termination is lawful provided it is an authorised place however far the pregnancy has progressed. What people have to say about abortion often depends on what they believe about the status of the foetus: Is it or is it not a human being with rights? Those people who argue against abortion are “Pro-lifers”. Those who believe that abortion is right in some circumstances are “Pro-choice... ... middle of paper ... ...this, in the case Borowski v A-G of Canada and minister of finance of Canada (1984) DLR (4th) 112 at 131. [17] Bundesgesetzblatt (BGb1) 2, 1990, p885. [18] A Tuffs ‘Germany: Abortion, the womans choice (1992) 340 Lancet p43. [19] H karcher ‘Abortion Law diluted Again in Germany (1993) 306 BMJ 1566 [20] Lifes Dominion R. Dworkin Argument about abortion and euthanasia (1993) p30 [21] Werthiemer ‘Understanding the Abortion Argument’, p78 [22] Daniel Callan, Abortion: law choice and morality new York (1970) [23] The New York review of books, October 25 1984. [24] Furedi, Ann. 1998: ‘Wring but the right thing to do: public opinion and abortion’, Lee E (Ed). Abortion law and politics today. Basingstoke Macmillan press. [25] Life’s dominion p32 [26] Polls 1993 [27] Life’s dominion p72
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