Evaluating The Better Lecture By Randy Pausch

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Concluding The Better Pitch Randy Pausch was a eloquent character and a speaker whom everybody loved for his devotion as a husband, father, son and a professor. Married to Jai Pausch and the father of Dylan, Logan and Chloe. Also, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University where he taught computer science with a passion. In 2006 his life took a toll lane, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with 10 tumors inside his liver. Only given 6 month to live he decided he would prepare a last lecture not for his only student but a life guidance for his children to remember who he was and imparting the life lessons he would have taught in the next 20 years (Pausch I) In The last Lecture he writes: I lectured about the joy of life, about how much I appreciated life, even with so little of my own life, I talked about Honesty, integrity, gratitude, and other thing I hold dear (Pausch I). Because of the last lecture it has touched millions of people world wide, with a impactful message, people now are able to look at life differently in a different perspective because of Randy Paucsh 's last lecture. Subsistence to your ambitions. As a eight year old child being at…show more content…
Pachas write: The brick walls are there to stop the people who don 't want it badly enough(qtd.inr Pausch73). Pausch relates brick wall to his student who have challenge the knowledge in the alice project and continually push there left and right side of the brain. Paucsh writes; Remember how quickly our field changes. That’s why you want to focus on learning things that don’t change: how to work well with other people (qtd.inr.Leah Hoffmann 19) . in also pushing his student he prepped them to never give up given that he had brick walls and his himself push pristine got him to where he is know at carrier mellon university so brick wall where built there for a reason there are there to see how bad you want something and you 've built your yourself to a person of integrity and
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