Evaluating Learning Resources Used in the Classroom

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Lesson planning is a map to student learning, the resources teachers use influence student learning. For this reason, it is important to understand how to evaluate instructional material.
There are many things to consider when choosing material resources this paper will examine the importance of the design, procedures, clarity, and efficiency when choosing lesson plans.

When choosing learning resources teachers need to ensure that all students feel valued, and supported regardless of their cultural and linguistic backgrounds. It is also important that materials chosen will help all students succeed in school regardless of their abilities, backgrounds, cultures, or linguistic differences. By understanding and respecting the various cultures and languages that are found in the classroom today educators will choose educational resources that will encourage and support student achievement.

First, we will look at the area of the design of the learning resource, and several of the criteria’s that that fall under this category. Lesson design is important when choosing resources, as teacher must select materials in order to meet the learning objectives. The learning resource must contain information that is accurate and aligned with the learning objective. It should also be well organized in a logical manner that supports the learner. The design of the lesson should include examples and give students to opportunity to practice the skill that is being taught. Having examples will also ensure students understand the learning resource and what is expected of them to be successful in achieving the learning objective. When choosing materials the end goal of the design of the learning resource is to helps students achieve the objective and ...

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...mportant and what is not. Another criteria in this area is whether there are enough examples and practice items included. Through the use of examples and practice students are more likely to learn the skills being taught.

Learning happens through experiences and through the things we see and hear. It is extremely important for educators to choose and evaluate materials to that will encourage student learning. The overall goal when choosing resources is that they support the learning outcomes of the curriculum. Student experiences and learning outcomes are shaped by the resources the teacher chooses to use the their classroom. It is important for educators to evaluate all learning resources prior to use to ensure they meet the criteria that will allow all students regardless of their culture of linguistic differences to be successful in their learning endeavors.
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