Evaluate Your Goals For Improving Your Study

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My personal goals are to get an ATAR of +90 to gain entry into dentistry or pharmacy at university, and improve my public speaking skills.
My learning goals are to improve my study habits so I can complete my school work with the highest grades possible during senior years, and to find a work experience placement in either a Dental Clinic or Pharmacy by the 27th of March 2017.
These goals help me by allowing me to visualise what I want to do in the future and how I can achieve them. My goal of improving my study habits would allow me to get an ATAR of +90, which will help me get into a university with dentistry or pharmacy course. My goal of getting into a work experience in a pharmacy or dental clinic …show more content…

I have also learnt that becoming a dentist is not an easy career pathway as I will be required to achieve the highest possible ATAR score and will have to study approximately 5 more years of university after graduating from high school.
I decided on my goals by finding out what I am passionate about and talking with my parents and teachers about my interests. From my parents’ advices I started to mind map the possible careers I can do in the field that I am interested in and determined the one I am most passionate …show more content…

These goals had enabled me to achieve the goals by helping me organising my plans and priorities, improving my speaking skills, giving me the knowledge required, allowing me to achieve high grades in all my chosen subjects, and planning out my strategies.
The problem that I encountered was looking for a club room as I need to get permission from a teacher and have them supervise the club. I overcame this problem by talking to the Year 10 Coordinator and different teachers, and had found a supervisor by doing so.
These capabilities are very valuable to my future as they are crucial for me to achieve the goals that would lead me to my desired career pathway – finishing high school, going to university, and finding a job.
Literacy capability could help me to get high grades in English, communicate and express my ideas and opinion to other people, develop my written and verbal, and analyse

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