Eva Schoen Case Study

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What: On August 6, 1990, Eva Schoen was found murdered in her Colorado home. She was found at the top of the staircase by her ten-year-old daughter that morning. Eva had sustained one shot to the back of her head which was determined as the cause of death. The police were called to the home and began investing the crime scene to discover any evidence or leads into who had committed the crime. Who: Eva Schoen was the only person killed although other family members were present at the home when the crime occurred. Initially, the police questioned Eva’s husband, Sam Schoen, to see if he was involved in the crime in any way. However, Sam was not home when the crime occurred due to a last minutes. When the police questioned Sam they soon develop another theory about a possible motive for the crime. Sam’s father was the founder of U-Haul and there was a bitter history between the sons regarding the ownership and profits of the business. Sam had taken his father’s side during this conflict and he believed that his brothers were involved and killed Eva in retaliation. The…show more content…
Marquis pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter and second-degree burglary during his trial and was given a deal. In exchange for providing evidence that he had not been hired by someone else to kill Eva, Marquis was given a plea deal in 1994 to serve twenty-four years in prison. The reason for the plea deal in court resulted from conflicts in the Schoen family. L.S. Schoen, founder of U-Haul and Sam’s father, tried for years to prove that his other sons were involved in the crime due to the bitter family rivalry. Marquis would be given this plea deal if admitted to acting alone without any outside influences. After admitting he acted alone, this is when he received the twenty-four-year sentence. In 1997, Marquis was relocated to the Penitentiary of New Mexico in Santa Fe and where he was paroled in 2011 for good

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