Euthanasia: We Have the Right to Die

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“A person has the constitutional right to request the withdrawal or withholding of a medical treatment, even if doing so will result in the person’s death” (Assisted Suicide). So why is there not, and should there not be a right in some states and countries for those who are near death and know they will die to want to end their life.
Even during the Ancient Roman times, the idea of Assisted Suicide was accepted “If caused from pain or sickness, or by weariness of life” (Assisted Suicide). With today’s technology, it has become easier to keep a person who is terminally ill or in a “vegetative state” alive longer. The argument is if it is morally acceptable to do so, and if doing so is the best decision for everyone involved and under what circumstances. Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide should be allowed for the terminally ill of any age or those wanting to end their life, under the Death with Dignity Law, over the age of 18.
The act of Assisted Suicide would be safer performed by a hospital physician and with the presence of up to three licensed physicians. “All the jurisdictions require the acts to be performed by physicians” (J. Pereira) under the Oregon law. This law states that the patient has a valid reason for the suicide and have the patient information collected and looked over by state officials in order to apply. This law also requires that the act be performed by trained hospital physicians under certain circumstances.
It is necessary for a second physician to assure that all the necessary steps and precautions have been addressed, and a third physician to review the case if the patient is sentenced as non-terminal. The reason for this is to assure that the patient is 100% safe and in no threat of unwanted visitors. There ...

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...ere is no other way out and the damage is irreversible, no one should have to suffer. If you were to put yourself in their position would you or would you not want an easy out, and a comfortable way to end all the suffering.

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