Euthanasia: The Good Death

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Morally, doctor patient relationships are where doctors fully respects the wishes of patients decisions and autonomy. But its when the patients wish to die by the doctors hands or even be giving an overdose prescription to help aid their wish, can cause an uproar in whether if proceeding in Euthanasia is morally right or wrong. But its where the physicians have to decide and honor the wishes of euthanasia even if it does goes against they’re code of ethics and seems morally wrong. Even though the only job of a physician is to make sure of the patients life and that they remain alive.
Euthanasia or “good death” is the practice of ending of ones life to end any type of sufferings. Either with medication or with a lethal injection. As long as the patient death resulted as a release of they’re barring sufferings then it was okay. Though euthanasia is considered as “good death”, there are other practices of euthanasia that can either go against patients wishes which is called, Involuntary euthanasia. Or allowing someone to die without any aid which is called Passive euthanasia. Also where you have a patient that is competent and agrees on dying and asking for help is called Voluntary Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide.

In “ Sounding Board Death and Dignity, A Case of Individualized Decision Making” by Timothy E. Quill talks about a patient of his named Diane. An ordinary person but has struggled with alcoholism and depression. Quill then, with vigorous testes, finds out she has acute leukemia. Now knowing this, Quill and other doctors advised Diane about undergoing treatment as soon as possible. But she refused and just wanted to go home and be with her family. Though at this time she was not experiencing any suffering as ...

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...hey would not have any value to society. Which he argues it’s a line that never should be crossed because it could lead to the patients being wrongfully misleaded. Seeing this is understandable that going ahead with Active Euthanasia and PAS could lead to other consequences. But it should never get to the point where a patient is pressured or forced against they’re autonomy.
In conclusion, Euthanasia is “good death” and should result in that. Having a patient like Diane’s death should end in a non suffering way. Without having any pressure or being mislead and being pushed to dying and going completely against they’re autonomy. After you go against they’re autonomy that’s when other issues and conflicts are presented. They’re the voice of their own body and if one wishes, in good reasons and rational ones should be entitled to make a huge decision for their life.
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