Euthanasia Should Be Restricted

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Assisted suicide, or euthanasia, has been a topic that many people have thought over; should it be legalized or not? Years before assisted suicide was discovered, the ancient Greeks wondered if “mercy-killing” was a way to end the life of the ill or elderly. Many other people have been pondering this thought throughout history. Although some races such as the Indians and Sardinians have decided it is the way to end life, others are still debating over whether assisted suicide is humane. Many other religions such as Judaism and Christianity oppose assisted suicide. This belief was expressed by St. Thomas Aquinas, a thirteenth-century Italian theologian. In contrast to him, social theorists like Sir Francis Bacon, a sixteenth-century English philosopher, accepted that euthanasia should be performed. In 1938, the Euthanasia Society of America promoted euthanasia by requesting for a bill through the New York Legislature, although it was never passed. The act of euthanasia is an erroneous decision that should be restricted.
Assisted suicide is declining the quality of health systems. A study from Georgetown University’s Center for Clinical Bioethics proved the veracity of this argument. The research that was conducted proved a salient point. It revealed that in areas where assisted suicide is legal, physicians have less pressure and willingness to prescribe lethal drugs to patients, where it is legal to do so. Legalizing euthanasia would violate one of the most rules of medicine, which according to the International Code of Medical Ethics, is that “a doctor must always bear in mind the obligation of preserving human life from conception.” Asking doctors to commit euthanasia would result in damage to the doctor-patient relationship. T...

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... well-being for others with valor; sick patients do not need even half of that courage to deal with their pain and live as long as possible. These patients are being cared for in a hospital as best as possible and should endure their pain to honor those who died for them.
Assisted suicide is decision that should be evaded. Euthanasia is diminishing the class of health systems and is being misused by people making wrong decisions. There are alternative arguments to the euthanasia debate. Some may say that it is understanding to allow one to die in certain circumstances however, there are alternative treatments for care such as palliative care and hospice. Many religions are against euthanasia. Veterans and soldiers have witnessed and experienced a lot throughout their lives but still live on today. Assisted suicide is a mistaken decision that should be restricted.
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