Euthanasia- Physician Assisted Suicide

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Let's say a close relative of yours has been lying on their hospital bed with nothing by tubes attached on their body and a dying heart for the past few months. Today seems to be their last day, doctors tell you, and all you can do is watch as their life slowly dwindles. Isn't there something you would want to do about their suffering that you would like to end? Well, killing isn't one of them,yet hospitals even allow such action to happen on a patient. Who in their right mind would even think of killing someone vulnerable? Only someone with a rational mind would try and enforce the banning of such an action, especially in our country. The act that has been called as "mercy killing" named euthanasia should not be practiced (or even worse, legalized) in our country as it is a form of taboo against our Christian morals and practices, disobeying our bond with God as we promise to make our lives fulfilling, promotes the contagious idea of suicide to many fearful dying patients, and possible the worst, gives physicians, normal human beings, the right to kill another human being. Firstly, as a Christian community, the practice of euthanasia in hospitals is an act against our morals and values since the process of someone dying is very significant in spiritual matters and should be best if it is not disturbed by human activity. As humans, we should all know that one's life and existence in this planet is one of the most valuable gift as we all posses and carry God's image and His distinct values. Looking more into this, humans posses a capacity that no other living being can do, and that is to make them see things in another perspective, using the complexity of their minds to develop abilities. Thus, a patient's life can't just end by ... ... middle of paper ... ...eedom of discussing such matters between doctor and patient. Together, we can help one other turn away from what's morally wrong and open up to better ways in dealing the last minutes of a dying loved one by accepting their condition with an open mind, despite a hectic situation. II. Source for First Reason: III. Source for Second Reason: IV. Source for Third Reason: (2011, 07). Euthanasia Persuasive Speech. Retrieved 07, 2011, from
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