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Euthanasia resistance.
There is a saying that death comes for us all when our time is up, but what if someone who was diagnosed with a terminal disease and given a short time to live wanted to speed that process by assisted suicide; that is to say they wished to be assisted in the ending of their lives through the use of increased medication for a “peaceful death”. Sarah Zagorski wrote an article that shed some light on the debate of euthanasia. This issue has been the topic of debate for many for some time since it is a subject that is close to the hearts of everyone, because anyone could potentially face being euthanized given the proper circumstances. In an article found on, it is expressed that when considering euthanizing becoming legal, the mental stability or even mental state of those requesting it must be placed in question, and in turn evaluated to be sure they are mentally capable of making such a decision.
The article examines how those who are incapable of expressing their wishes could be potential victims of an assisted suicide as a result of their inability to protest. It is expressed that the profit driven medical groups might lean heavily towards the killing of a patient due to it being a cheaper method than keeping them alive, which places the elderly and those who suffer from disabilities at greater risk of being euthanized if such laws are passed. The author details how even young children could fall under this umbrella of those unable to make a decision for themselves in regard to being euthanized, because they cannot make conscious decisions on their own behalf because they are too young to understand the situation they find themselves faced with. She states that there are situations where an ...

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...illnesses themselves. It is presented that in our society filled with medical tycoons the world would be a healthier place yet it is examined that the medical groups are part of the ones who are promoting assisted suicide to increase their profits since it is cheaper to effectively “pull the plug” than it is to keep someone alive through intervenes feeding tubes and life support equipment. This controversy does not seem to be going anywhere any time soon since there are those who oppose such bills being passed because of their views of it being a grave injustice to life, but there are also those who are on the other side of the argument who are fighting equally hard to present the facts of their side of beliefs. There will always be those who will seek out a way to end their suffering, and equally there will always be those to stand in the way of others decisions.
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