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Euthanasia which comes from the Greek meaning of easy death is one of our societies highly debatable issues and the main reason for this argument is against active euthanasia, which is when a terminally ill patient is administered with a lethal drug or using other means to cause there death. There is also Passive euthanasia, which means the stopping or not starting a persons treatment, leaving their condition to run it’s course, without resuscitation. . Many people debate this issue stating that they believe that by participating in the practice of active euthanasia, that they are "playing God," but isn’t that what doctors are already doing by trying to keep their patients alive? Or perhaps, even worse, that they believe that people who support euthanasia are not acting out of mercy, but rather out of selfishness or that they are just giving up. People also think that it is just a fancy name for murder but isn’t murder defined as; “The unlawful, premeditated killing of one human being by another.” Where as with euthanasia an ill person is choosing to die and merely asking for assistance by another human being so that they can die in dignity with out having to commit suicide which can be very hard on the persons family and can also cause some legal problems. Some may also argue the point of what to do if a person is suffering with an illness of which there seems no hope of recovery, yet they are unable to make a choice for themselves, how do we know what that p...

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