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Euthanasia is a controversial topic of whether to relieve one of their suffering or to continue to let the patient endure a constant pain for the rest of the lives. However, Euthanasia is not a new idea. Since the fifth century B.C., Euthanasia has occurred and been debated. Euthanasia was present in Ancient Rome and Greece (Euthanasia). In my opinion, in this case the Greeks and Romans were right as I am for euthanasia since patients should be able to decide what they want to do with their lives and relieve their suffering.

Many people who are against euthanasia state that doctors take a hypocritical oath about supporting life at all costs. Their argument is that Euthanasia goes against their oath. However, this oath has been broken many times. It is common for a doctor to take someone off life support if the family says they are okay with this. This typically occurs if the patient is brain dead. In this case, the doctor would be doing something to not protect and support life. In addition, a patient can order doctors to not protect and support life by having a DNR (do not resuscit...

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