Euthanasi A Major Controversy Throughout The Years

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Euthanasia has been a major controversy throughout the years. Euthanasia is basically a painless way for a person to terminates his or her life while going through incurable and painful disease or in comas. Through years, states have been going back and forth to decide whether the patients going through these painful disease, should have the right to decide to end their life or shouldn’t be able to decide at all. During these debates about the topic only three states out of the whole country have made it possible to legalized euthanasia such as: Oregon, Washington, and Montana. In my opinion, I am against this process of people having the chance to end their life and having others the permission to do so such as, doctors or family. One of the reasons for my opinions is due to the reason of government and insurance. According to the website of “Physician Assisted Suicide”, government and insurance “may put undue pressure on doctors to avoid heroic measures or recommend the PAS procedure” (“Physician Assisted Suicide”). In this case the insurance companies or whoever doesn’t have a lot of money to cover their medical treatment so what they tend to do is just try to pressure the doctors to recommend the PAS procedure to the patients, if there is no hope for them on being saved. According to “The New Zealand resource of life related issues”, a survey was done in Oregon where euthanasia is legal and about 66% of patients requested euthanasia due to the reason that there was no money to cover their expenses and they didn’t want to be a burden to their families. It is also stated that “healthcare funding allocations, seem to be making a shortage of beds and staff” and according to the increasing population of patients, the ... ... middle of paper ... ...treatment, unless there is significant evidence to suggest otherwise” (“Euthanasia and assisted suicide - End of life care”). For these reason, euthanasia shouldn’t be legalized in this country or anywhere because part of the population misuses euthanasia. Either individuals don’t know how to handle a situation that involved an illness and they choose euthanasia. Government and Insurances don’t have that much money to cover patient’s expenses so they encourage euthanasia. Patients are not capable to decide for themselves in a situation where they are told that there is a possibility that their life is great danger so they choose euthanasia due the reason that they believe that there is no hope for them. Until society: is fully ready and sure how to handle situations that includes life or death until then, society shouldn’t encourage euthanasia in this country.

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