European Interest on the Revolutionary War

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Although the Revolutionary War was based on the premise of liberty and equality for suppressed American colonists, it was mainly influenced and fueled by geopolitical, economic, and political interests of European nations. After the French and Indian War Britain had the largest number of foreign colonies on the freshly discovered continent of North America. The amount of land claimed however was not as significant as the value that a territory brought back to the mother country. Mercantilistic policies demanding control of vital areas, as well as nationalistic rivalries between nations had already given way to several world wars between the dueling powers of Europe. Colonies in distant lands such as America were merely marionettes controlled and manipulated coincidentally into victory by the monarchs of the old world.

In the 17th and 18th centuries the British Empire was the leading world power with the largest amount of influence as well as the greatest navy in existence. Acquiring and holding that position however, doesn’t come without the creation of a few enemies. The English had fought many wars in order to protect their own interests and defend their title in the new world. Events such as the War of Jenkins’ Ear, The War of Spanish Succession, King George’s War, and The Seven Years War granted England a great amount of strength and recently discovered treasures, but also left many nations craving vengeance (Bailey, Cohen, Kennedy

106). Despite the rising resentment of her neighbors, Britain was determined to gain and maintain key locations in America that would be economically advantageous. The Ohio River Valley for example was a key focus in the Seven Years War (Kennedy, Cohen, Bailey 109). Due to this determination ...

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...reasons. Key decisive victories such as the Battle of Yorktown for example would have been simply impossible without the navy provided by France (Kennedy, Cohen, Bailey 158). This served perfectly for the Americans as without foreign military aid to consolidate their weak forces, winning the war would have been all but a dream.

Analyzing the American Revolution from a greater global perspective, shows how that the birth of the U.S. was more a result of European motives play rather than it’s own desire for liberty, and independence. The colonies were used as an instrument by many powers of the Old World, to provide for their own interests. The war was fought the French Navy, Dutch and Spanish money, and Dutch supplies. Without the meddling of foreign forces shaping and encouraging the rebellion to benefit themselves, the revolution would have never happened.
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