European Imperialism In Africa Dbq Analysis

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In the nineteenth century, Europe finally exerted dominance over Africa, after 300 years of trying to do just that. Their eventual success was mainly due to technological advancements that the Africans didn’t have at the time. The major European powers (Great Britain, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, and France) had many reasons for imperializing the African continent including: economic, political, and technological factors which all contribute to a country’s success. Some people would argue that Europeans took over Africa to improve African quality of life. However, it is clear that the main driving force behind European imperialism in Africa was the fact that Africa was rich in valuable resources. By tapping into this sort of wealth, Europeans were able to consolidate even greater power and prosperity.

Europeans were mainly driven to imperialize in Africa due to its abundant and valuable natural resources. According to the chart from Document D, many countries in Africa had many useful resources that, if exploited, would increase the wealth of Europe. For example, Rhodesia …show more content…

Imperialism, when a country takes over another colony beyond its borders, caused many positive and negative effects on Africa. Some positives include the push to end slavery, introduction to education, medicine, and technology, and improved infrastructure. Negative effects include mass deaths, robbing of raw materials, exploitation of labor, and prevention from industrializing or gaining civil service. Today, Africa is struggling as a whole due to what happened about 200 years ago. Many states are landlocked, blocked from traditional migration routes and trade routes, and contains mixed, diverse cultures. Overall, imperialism of European countries was a negative event in African history. It plays a big part in how successful and structured Africa is

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  • Explains that europe exerted dominance over africa in the nineteenth century, mainly due to technological advancements that the africans didn't have at the time.
  • Explains that europeans were driven to imperialize in africa due to its abundant and valuable natural resources. they were drawn to africa to supply slaves for the transatlantic slave trade.
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