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¡§They were always sure it would work because they were Disney¡¨ The Not-So-Wonderful World of Euro Disney - Things are Better Now at Paris Disneyland The Problem The problem Disneyland Paris is facing is the issue of expanding its parks into other countries and making sure it does not repeat the same mistakes it encountered in Paris when it first opened there as Euro Disney. More difficult than it might seem at first glance, there are several issues facing Disney. Background ƒç Euro Disney, as it was originally named, opened to the European public in 1992. After many trials and tribulations it seems to have overcome them to come out on top, in typical Disney style, with some important changes. ƒç Disney¡¦s projections for its park¡¦s success, whether through hotels, merchandise, and number of visitors were all miscalculated. ƒç Disney emphasized the park¡¦s size instead of the entertainment value of the park. ƒç The park admission prices were more expensive than in the United States. ƒç Disney failed to see the signs of the coming European recession. ƒç Managers at Disney and Euro Disney upset many organizations. ƒç The ¡§kick-the-door-down¡¨ (International Marketing, page 623) attitude of the US managers did not work well with the already hostile French. So at a certain point, it was questionable whether Euro Disney would even continue to exist or close its doors. Some changes that transformed Euro Disney¡¦s failure into a success were: ƒç Disney agreed to fund Euro Disney. ƒç From the beginning Euro Disney¡¦s convention business exceeded expectations. ƒç Banks agreed to defer payments for a period of three years. ƒç In June of 1994 a Saudi prince invested up to $500 million for a 24% stake in the park. ƒç In 1993 a French man by the name Philippe Bourguignon took ... ... middle of paper ... ... the European style and flair, and make it a truly international experience. And I would suggest the same in other countries. Keeping the local style and culture and combining it with the great style of Disney could be a magical experience. Just as when entering Disneyland or Disney World one can forget the hassles of everyday life and enter this magical dream world created by Disney, one can have the same experience in other countries, along with the local flavor. So a combination approach is recommended, and can appeal to all international tourists. I think utilizing all these suggestions and learning from its first mistakes, and realizing that combining the good local values of each country along with the good American values can be successful for all concerned. By being a more international company, one that is not trying to rule the park scene but enhance it and share its magic, one that is easy to work with, one that understands the value of a customer¡¦s money, one that respects the local culture, and appeals to several target markets, Disney can be successful wherever it expands to.

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