Eulogy for Grandmother

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Eulogy for Grandmother

My grandmother was a strong woman. No matter how strained my families’ relationship could be at times, I loved her unconditionally. She was the woman who would buy me gallons of ice cream and soda frustrating my mother to no end. Whenever I spent the night she would let me stay up as late as I wanted watching TV. Crossing the street to my grandparents’ house was a daily event, which I looked forward to every morning I woke up.

There was the day when my Mom had to many things to do to take me to see the Clydesdale Horses. I was probably 6 or 7 at the time. I had spent the whole day moping around the farm not telling anyone why I was so upset. To cheer me up grandma took me with her to drop off Woodruff, one of the farm hands who lived in town. I lay in the back of her huge station wagon, crying to myself as we past Main Street. Woodruff was hearing impaired, he also lacked the ability to effectively speak. Somehow he communicated to grandmother something was wrong. Needless to say my grandmother dropped Woodruff off and marched me down to Main Street to see those horses. Like a good grandmother should, she spoiled her grandson to no end.

In a way she really shaped who I was to become. Around 12 I wanted to start skateboarding so badly. My mother would not allow it. I secretly saved money to buy a used set up from an older kid in school. My grandmother, although completely against the idea of me doing it, hid my board in her closet every day for weeks until she finally told my mom I was skating. Anyone who knows me realizes that skating pretty much shaped my teen years and even early adulthood. I can’t think about who I am today without thinking of her.

She brought me to the hospital more times then I can count. If it wasn’t asthma it was for some type of stitches. Once she calmly picked me up after phoning to tell her I put an Ax in my leg. She was calm and collective the entire time. She was never judgmental about it, I am sure raising her two sons wasn’t that different. She prodded me about tattoos and being vegetarian, but she always went out of her way to find me something to eat.
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