Eudora Welty: Her Life And Her Works

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Eudora Welty: Her Life and Her Works Eudora Welty's writing style and us of theme and setting aided her in becoming one of the greatest writers of all time. Welty credits her family for her success. "Without the love and belief my family gave me, I could not have become a writer to begin with" (Welty, IX). Eudora Welty's writings are light- hearted and realistic. Her stories explore common everyday life. Eudora Welty was born in Jackson, Mississippi, on April 13, 1909. She was an observant child. She was fascinated by sounds and sights, human voices and the changing of seasons. Welty's happy childhood and serene life is reflected in her fiction. Eudora Welty's ability to observe created her talent to precisely tell situations as they would be seen. This talent brings her stories to life. The in-depth accounts that she writes of jump off of the page and into the readers' imagination. The descriptive passages in her fiction bring about vibrant images in the readers' mind. The short story "A Memory" opens up with a clear visual image. "The water shone like steel, motionless except for the feathery curl behind a distant swimmer. From my position I was looking through a rectangle brightly lit, actually glaring at me with sun, sand, water, a little pavilion, a few solitary people in fixed attitudes, and around it all a border of dark rounded oak trees, like that engraved thunderclouds surrounding illustrations in the bible"(Welty,75). Welty's long sentence structure and word usage allows the reader to feel as though he or she were the one sitting on the beach. This description helps the reader to be involved in the story. He or she could feel as though he or she were a part of the story instead of someone only looking in. As the story progresses, the main character, a young girl incorporates her crush on a young boy with the sights at the beach. The young boy who barely knows she exists constantly in her thoughts. "Welty has given, and will continue to give(For these works are soundly made and will stand) a literature that reaches great stature in it's theme of love"(Schlueter, 535). Eudora Welty captures the feelings of being in love and shows them brilliantly on paper. The reader immediately empathizes... ... middle of paper ... ...sp; Welty's poetic style and understanding of human life are obviously a brilliant combination. She uses love, community and communication for the basis of many of her stories. Another common technique she uses is to employ her home state of Mississippi as the setting for her stories. By doing this, she can write in diction that she knows; as well as being able to create both black and white southern characters for her fiction. Welty's characters are authentically southern, their moods, gestures and entirely are sculpted to the finest detail. Her characters are so true to life that they seem to speak for themselves. "With their wide range in style, point of view, subject matter and fictional modes, Miss Welty has thoroughly investigated the possibilities inherit in the short story form, enriching and extending the potential of this genre"(Kramer,329). Miss Welty currently lives in her Jackson home and continues to write. She is an extremely private person and has chosen not to release most of her personal papers or to authorizea biography. She feels that her work should stand alone as the expression of her imagination.

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