Ethics in International Environments

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Ethics in International Environments


Global marketing opportunities usually form the pillar under which viability and profitability of international marketing depend upon. This merged with globalization of market today makes international marketing practices a concern globally that calls for moral responsibility (ethics) in conducting business (Danley, 1983). Ethics in international marketing poses many dilemmas and this is because value judgments differ among different cultures. What is fully accepted as right in one country is completely wrong in another country. Upon a close look of existing ethical frameworks, international marketers cannot fully depend on universal ethical norms like hyper norms. In spite of this, basic moral value should be used in assessing international marketing ethics (Nejdet, 1995).

It is claimed that only those business that focus on profit maximization survive in competitive business environment. However acting unethically very often brings short-term gains which eventually undermine the economy over time.

Issues in Rapid Packaging Services

Many people in the marketing realm disagree on the purpose of business ethics with some arguing that the main purpose of any business is profit maximization to the owner/shareholders. Others suggest that own interest would require business to observe law and basic moral responsibility because the implication of failing to do that would be expensive to the company in terms of fines and loss of company reputation. In addition, any business should have moral responsibilities both to those that are affected by the business directly such as stakeholders and indirectly such as state government (Amstrong &Evert, 1991).

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