Ethics in Business: Overview of Nike

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Ethics is a major part in business, and every company that sells a product looking for profit is a business. In the American economy companies with the best ethics has the best profits. However companies occasionally fail to remain ethical in their activities, because they are too concerned with profits. Nike Inc. is a worldwide company that is very famous for their designs and apparel wear, also it is a multination corporation that is engaged in the design and marketing. However Nike has pros and cons in some of their actions have been questionable.
History of Nike
Before there was a Nike Inc., before there was the swoosh Nike was founded by Bill Bowerman a nationally respected track and field coach at the university of Oregon who was constantly looking for ways to improve his athletes to perform better in competition. However the established footwear manufacturers of the 1950s ignored the ideas he tried to offer them, so Bill stated cobbling shoes for his athletes. Phil Knight a graduate from Oregon track program Phil earned his MBA in finance from Stanford University, where he came up with an idea to create quality running shoes and to be branded with japan manufactures, but Japan manufactures went unanswered. Knight finally got a call back from the manufactures of tiger shoes, and made knight the distributor of tiger shoes, which gave Bowerman and idea that he and knight should be partners to provide his footwear design to tiger shoes (Nike, Inc.). Also Nike was, and still is privately owned company which means it has no shareholders therefore it could not treat them unethically.
Nike’s Unethical Treatment in Advertising and of Consumers
Nike does have flaws, which often originate from its unethical actions. For example, des...

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...espect as I get older. Also now I understand that companies face very tough decisions, and sometimes there is never a right answer.

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