Ethics and Supervision in our Society

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One can say the foundation of business, government, and society is built on morals and ethics. Ethics can be defined as” the process of making moral decisions about individuals and their interactions in society while still attempting to protect the rights and welfare of those same individuals.”(Francis 2010) Morals can be simply described as the principals of right and wrong behavior that are agreed upon by society. Society generally base their morals from teachings originally found in religion. Most religions have different beliefs but luckily societies have similar morals that can often be the same throughout the world. Ethics can play a major role in the workplace integrity. For a workplace to have integrity one needs leaders who will create a workplace that fosters the development of high standards, demonstrates values of the organization, and uses ethical leadership. In recent years to be a supervisor of a workplace and carry out these duties have become more complex due to the issues of client rights, informed consent for the supervisee, on-site supervision by untrained supervisors, and multicultural issues. A supervisor who leads by ethical guidelines can help the workplace gain the most benefit from their supervision and provide the best care possible to the employees and also to the clients. A workplace that is ethical and professional can safeguard against risks to integrity such as improper conduct, misconduct and corruption.

A supervisor plays an important role in shaping the ethical health and professional standards of a workplace. Supervisors on a daily base have to make ethical decisions. Some charactericks that can help in making good ethical decisions are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness and ca...

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...isor will not only help himself by being ethical but will help the whole organization. Management without good ethics and morals can cripple a company to ruins and have no satisfaction of accomplishment.


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