Ethics: What Is Right And What Is Wrong?

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Ethics plays a key component in our everyday lives; it can be explained as a certain internal distinct perspective of what is right and what is wrong. How does one obtain this distinct between what is right and what is wrong though? In my opinion this starts from a young age, and from reinforcement from those who are raising one and teaching these ideals of what is “right” and what is “wrong”. Borchers’ definition of ethics describes this notion as “the study of right or good conduct as it affects the individual and society” pg.67 Borchers’ goes on to say that is a measure of “ rightness and wrongness, virtue and vice, and obligation in human behavior. Ethics has been linked with persuasion furthermore, persuasions’ outcome is to reach a particular goal which influences an audience on a certain “idea” that the persuader is trying to convey.…show more content…
“ Pg.69 I choose to speak about this part of ethics and persuasion since my current event topic links certain ethical implications that are sometimes “overlooked” and therefore justified due to potential omission or disregard. Ethics has several arenas in which it comes into play (especially in politics) and has different channels in which the message is being
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