Ethics Research Paper

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Ethics Paper
There is a strong relationship between the values that a leader has and the success that a leader has from these values. Many of the great leaders of the past and present have had a moral and ethical mentality that made them successful leaders. Other values that help to determine a leader’s success are honesty and integrity. This paper will address the qualities of ethical leadership, honesty, and integrity, which help shape a successful leader. Also these values importance will be shown in practical manners that many individuals might use through life.
Ethics is defined as rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad. (Webster, dictionary) Ethics is what a person sees as being right and wrong. If one was to cheat on a test or lie to a friend their ethical and moral compass is what would make them feel bad for doing these things. Some of the ethical qualities that make up successful leaders are justice, sound judgment, wisdom, valor, intelligence, good communication skills, and vision. For a leader to be successful in his/her cause they must poss...
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