Ethics Of Professionalism

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All of us have a different point of view about professionalism. For some, being professional mean dressing noticeable clothes and doing great work at a job. For others, having a degree or a certification on a certain subject. But professionalism does cover much more. The oxford-dictionary defines professionalism as “The competence or skill expected of a professional”; and it defines profession as “Worthy of or appropriate to a professional person; competent, skillful, or assured” (In text Citation). These definitions imply that professional person takes pride in his/her job, perceive realistic goals and takes value and expectation of his/her task. It is important to follow the rules and ethics of professionalism to become professional.…show more content…
No matter what profession you choose, self-regulation is an intrinsic tenet. Self regulated person work based on their knowledge and experience without any interruption. Self regulated person need to have ability to control and manage their own behavior, thought and emotion depending on the situation. Also they need to inhibit inappropriate response because self regulated person will follow the principle of ethics. Accountability is much more important in our professional life than what we normally think. Accountability is the quality or state of being accountable (capable of being explained). In our daily life, accountability plays a vital role. For instance: If you are loyal and honest to your workplace, then your co-workers and managers will know that you are an accountable person to the…show more content…
Image is general impression of a person to the public. To build a positive image in a society one should give respect, take respect and think positive. To improve professionalism we have to focus on various key aspects such as: the way of treating people, the way of dressing at workplace, finalizing the project that was assigned and presenting in a professional manner. Every person has a different opinion on different subject matter where professionals tend to respect different view points and share their own ideas with each others. Being polite and well mannered with a gracious consideration makes positive social
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