Ethics: My Personal Experience In A Healthcare Environment

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When I was 21 years old, I started my first job in healthcare. I was just out of high school. I had a relatively easy job. With this being my first job I had ever had, it came with some exposer to ethics. I realized that the meaning of ethics and what effects it had on a person. The company had high expectations of employees following the rules of privacy at the workplace. These rules were something that sometimes become a very easy rule to break. I tried not to take the job and rules to stress me out. There was always someone who would come to the hospital that I knew personally. I told myself that I could not talk about who was at the hospital no matter what. I tried to keep a positive attitude towards all situations that were effecting my job. Each day that I was at work, it became worse and more difficult to be positive. It was my first experience in a healthcare environment. Encountering over worked nurses in short staffed areas as well as seeing staff and family members faced with end of life care and decisions was very challenging. Many ethical situations were encountered daily. My co-workers seemed to be as stressed out as I was. This did not help me. Working with people that were tense and overwhelmed every day was so stressful. I worked in this hospital for six years. The environment was not a good fit for me and I moved into…show more content…
Ethically, healthcare workers are supposed to do their best and provide the best care and service to patients. This includes taking care of oneself and taking precautions to prevent illness or undue stress that may affect the way care is delivered. I myself do not believe in taking the flu vaccination. I find it wrong to force me to take a medication that I do not want. There are too many strands of the virus and I do not feel it necessary to inject myself with something that has the potential to make me ill (Olendar,

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