Ethics : Moral Principles That Govern A Person 's Behavior

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Virtue Ethics When a person is virtuous he or she cares about both the action and the consequences of the action. Ethics are moral principles that govern a person’s behaviors. Virtuous ethics are common in this day in age, every day you hear a mom tell their child to be kind, to share, and tell the truth. Virtuous ethics are the ones that all children grow up with, schools give out awards for their students who show these character traits. These traits are supposed to be the basics of being as good person. No matter what ethical perspective people ascribe to virtue should be at the center of every decision he or she makes. Honesty, personally one of the harder virtues to use every day. No one wants another person’s honest opinion, and being truthful is just as hard as hearing the truth and listening. As people grow older they are given so many chances to speak truth whether its telling a good friend they do not look good or putting away a criminal for a crime they witnessed. Honesty takes a lot of work, but being trustworthy is such a rare trait that when someone realizes that someone is trustworthy, that person will not want to give you a reason to not trust them. When two people are truly honest with each other they become loyal. Loyalty has been around since humans have been. In the middle ages the people of the kingdom had to swear fealty to the King and Queen. A wife needs to be able to have faith that her husband will be loyal to their marriage and vice versa. Loyalty is a difficult thing to obtain and an easy thing to lose, but it is worth it, there is nothing like being in a family where everyone is loyal to each other; to know that you have a large group of people that would have your back and protect you whe... ... middle of paper ... ...ntological, virtue is intertwined in them. Even though a person makes decisions based on where his or her duty lies, said person is loyal to something, which is part of being virtuous. When a person focuses on Utilitarianism that person focuses on the consequences rather than the action so the consequence of giving a hitchhiker a ride in a downpour would be compassionate and generous, which are again virtuous ethics. All decisions are based should be based on virtuous ethics because they already are, we cannot make a decision without reverting back to a child remembering our parents telling us to be kind, loyal, compassionate, full of integrity, in control of our selves. Our parents told us to be brave and generous and fair. Parents raise their children with virtuous ethics because these character traits are tools that people use every day to make decisions.
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