Ethics Is The Principles And Value An Organization

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Ethics in Business Ethics are the principles and value an organization use to govern their activities and decisions. Code of ethics is a set of principles that guide its programs, policies, and decisions. An ethical philosophy is what organizations use to conduct business, this can affect the reputation, productivity and the company financially. The leaders in an organization use ethics to manage employees. The code of ethics determines discipline procedures and the acceptable behavior. When there is a high ethical standards it encourages employees in the company to meet the same standard. Ethical leadership not only enriches a company’s financial market and the integrity in the community, it also helps to improve the business. Ethical behavior among worker, ensures that employees work with honestly and integrity. When ethical employees who meet the standards for work quality, it in turn boosts the company’s reputation. Ethical organization culture is leaders and employees obeying to the code of ethics. This is done by leaders exhibiting the type of behavior they would like to see from their employees. To do this, leaders can offer an incentive to employees who exhibit the values and integrity that coincides with the company’s code of ethics. The benefits of corporate culture improves the morale among employees, this increases productivity and employees retention rate. This also has financial benefits for the organization. Some companies including healthcare should maintain, and define their code of ethics to maintain accredited. Sadly some businesses fail to define their ethics program, or they only enforce bare minimum. This is mostly true with small companies. People choose to do business with people they know, like and trust... ... middle of paper ... ...ther the existence of the company was at stake or not. Some companies probably would have been looking at the bottom line and recalled only the affected areas. Tylenol removed over 30 million bottles worldwide. Now if they had not done that not only would the customer loyalty be gone but consumers would consider them untrustworthy. As well as the detrimental consequence it would have had on the company. Knowing that consumer’s and medical professionals using the product, the company felt that safety to the consumer and the company’s survival was crucial. This is why their response was so quick and in manner in which it captured the focus of the principle – “We believe our first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses, and patients, to mothers and fathers, and all others who use our products and service” (Ghillyer,2014, p.67). James Burks advice was to pull only the

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