Ethics Class Reflection Paper

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When I first saw the textbook, Ethics about moral issues, I thought woah! What is this class going to be about. The best guess that I came up with is that, it is questioning everything around us and digging deeper into what we might be thinking of. Along with exploring all necessity options through many counter arguments. That is what I as first thought to myself when I was sitting down with a counselor to talk about what summer classes I need to take. I am a person that likes to question a lot of a lot things as if they are right or wrong or how things came about to be, no matter what questions came up I found myself always questioning.
So there I am the first day in ethics class no knowing what the quick one month semester would hold, I honestly didn’t know what would become of the
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It’s a moral value for me because I love my family, they are the people who are always going to stand by my side and keep supporting me with whatever endeavors that I choose to do. along with my boyfriend, who I love a lot also due to his caring, kind and soft heart that he has. I am a person that becomes close to friends that I make, honestly I don’t know what it is but it seems like with whoever friend I make, we tend to click easily and I or the friend start to open up to one another. I define love as always being courteous to a person, respecting them, supporting them, caring for them, and always to keeping them safe. To me that’s what love is, I have a big family and each of us are all like that, we support one another and check up on one another to insure that they are safe and doing okay. To live up to this value I always check up my family and see how they are doing along with when I visit them I try to ask what I can do for them. The same goes for the boyfriend of mine, even though I live him, we have that tendency to make sure we are always doing okay and asking how our day
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