Ethics And Values In Business Sustainability

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The importance of ethics and values in business sustainability.

Before explaining the importance of ethics and values in business, we have to define the following:
Ethics: The ability of an individual to distinguish their moral judgements about right and wrong.
Values: These are the moral standards and principles that a person considers to be important. They work hand in hand with ethics.
Sustainability: meeting the challenges of ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same kind of lifestyles people enjoy today.
The critical decisions within a company/organisation may have to be made by people or groups. More often than not the ethics and values of the employees of that organisation will affect the quality and the kind of decisions that are made within the organisation. The employees ethical behaviour and value system is very important because in the long run, for example if the employees are unethical, it is eventually going to be embedded into the companies culture and ruin the organisations image which will make business sustainability extremely difficult.
The most common benefits of a business that promotes ethical behaviour and value systems are as follows:

1. Attract customers- If you take care of your customers they will definitely keep supporting you. This in the long run will increase the sales and the profit of the business
2. Employees will want to stay in the business- If you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your business. Your employees will be motivated and this might increase the productivity of the company. There will be no need for labour turnover and less money will be spent of training programs.
3. Attract more employees- In this way the business can get more talent and doge the bulle...

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...ader can make is to make sure that everyone contributes effectively towards the business. This will help people realize their potential and foster their potential to achieve a common goal.
The most common ways leadership can benefit a business

1. A clear vision- Setting a clear vision and communicating it effectively provides employees with an understanding.
2. Effective planning- A well conducted plan will be effective on meeting the organisational goals.
3. Inspiration and motivation- Provides inspiration and motivation for people to perform optimally.
4. New ideas- Employees can openly contribute and discuss new ideas in a positive environment.
It is clear that without leadership a solid business is not possible, let alone effective production. Leadership is the glue that makes sure that everything is in place all the time, doing exactly what it’s supposed to.
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