Ethics And Professionalism In Nursing

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Professionalism is expected in all aspects of customer service and the main concept of nursing practice. It includes a desire to learn, self-discipline, accountability, autonomy, advocacy, team collaboration, ethics, and values (Shohani & Zamanzadeh, 2017, p. 345).
Acceptance and compassion are the main parts of the safe environment, nurses have to provide to patients. As a new nurse, it's important to develop good work ethics and treat each individual with dignity and respect (Shohani & Zamanzadeh, 2017, pp. 345-350). True professionals are obligated to deliver care without judgment of race, individual's beliefs and values, religious practices, lifestyle, social economic status, personal attributes and nature of health problems (Fantahun,
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Autonomy plays a big role in managing patient care. “Autonomy means that a person is reasonably independent and self-governing in decision making and practice” (Potter, Perry, Stockert, & Hall, 2011, pp. 210-215). The new nurse should not be afraid to ask questions, seek knowledge and accept performance feedbacks so she can provide the best care and protect patients from harm. If a mistake has occurred, for example, nurse overmedicated a patient, honesty, and ability to admit wrongdoing can save the patient's life (Fantahun, Demessie, Gebrekirstos, Zemene, & Yetayeh, 2014), (Wilson & Giddens, 2017, pp.…show more content…
The expectations are high, patients trust healthcare providers with their lives, and since many of them have no medical knowledge its nurse's job to provide proper education (Wilson & Giddens, 2017, p.10). Even small acts of kindness and willingness to help can make a big difference in a person's life. A positive attitude helps to reduce stress and promotes patient's relaxation. Nurse have to remember to leave personal problems at home and never discussed them with patients (Shohani & Zamanzadeh, 2017, pp. 350-356). The goal is to provide high standards of practice and best care possible at all times. The nurse is obligated to provide a non - bias high-quality care to the patients of all ages, sizes, colors, races and cultural backgrounds. Her job is to see the patient as a unique individual without applying personal judgment or opinion (Shohani & Zamanzadeh, 2017, pp.
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