Ethics And Moral Codes In The Code Of Ethics

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Ethical principles are attitudes that one has based on one 's moral code or through the influence of a duty. Typically they include the standards that society or a certain position and practice has set that is considered admirable and appropriate.
Many different fields in the work industry have their own personal set of morals and principles that they hold to a high esteem. Most codes of ethics are designed around honesty and the general well being of people. Even though most have a basic understanding of what 's considered right and wrong, where is the line really drawn? What is considered ethical and morally right? How much sacrifice must be made in order to be considered good in the standards that the public and a specific work industry?
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AlChE has a code of ethics that revolve around the wellbeing of people and the environment. They also have a high expectation of personal morals, principles, and responsibility. AlChE has standards set to improve oneself and to become better leaders in and out of their field who provide honest work that will pretty much benefit anyone who the product applies to. NSPE holds a very similar code of ethics as the AlChE as well as most societies for engineering. An understanding that most organizations have is centered around the fact that the products they are making will be used for or around the general public. This understanding requires the members of these organizations to have high moral responsibility with the interaction they have with…show more content…
Between the AlChE and NSPE you can collectively say that every engineer shall seek to be held at a high standard and to pretty much strive to the fullest they can be. It is especially emphasized within the NSPE to keep the work environment fair for the employes and employers. A common theme within the Code of ethics that both organizations have is an either or statement Although not directly stated in the documents that was provided, you can tell that any “rule” that is defined has a possible underlying punishment and discreditation of your reputation. The tone you feel is one of strict policy making that makes you question the codes ethical

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