Ethics: A Code Of Ethics In The Workplace

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Ethics In The Workplace
Ethical behavior is determined by evaluation of what is considered right or wrong on a social and moral level (Peterson, 2002). There are a number of individual, social, organizational and circumstantial factors that are known to influence workplace behaviors and attitudes (Peterson, 2002). Individual and social factors pertain to personal beliefs and characteristics, while organizational and circumstantial factors refer to the shared employee perception of the procedures, processes, and practices, also known as the organizational climate. The organizational climate has been identified as one of the most influential organizational factors that affect employee behavior. The ethical climate of an organization concerns the shared views of what is ethically appropriate and the handling of ethical matters within a company. Factors, like administrative tolerance, or intolerance of unethical behavior, such as misuse of company time, absenteeism, inadequate job performance, and abusive behaviors can significantly impact the ethical
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The Code contains 9 sections, or provisions, that not only state the elements of ethical nursing practice, but also, provide detailed descriptions of what is meant by each statement. It is a public expression of the ethical commitment, values and duties of the nursing profession. The code dictates appropriate nursing behaviors, from the duty to treat individuals with compassion and respect, regardless of his or her socioeconomical status or ethnic background; to the nurse 's responsibility to sustain integrity and cultivate personal and professional growth. The Code provides clearly defined guidelines for ethical nursing behavior (Fowler,
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