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Walking along the city main street in, there are goods and services waiting for sale. From the same category of the goods or services, competition appeared. To attract consumer’s attention, the product or service has to be outstanding. But how the products and services can be outstanding from the competition? Doing advertising is the choice. According to Ringold (1998) advertising may provide information and helps public make decision about the new product. Therefore, advertising could let the public know the existing of the products and services in the market. Advertisement also can let the public know what is good and benefits of purchasing the products and services. Doing the advertising, information and details of products or services is included. While there is information, the advertisement has to be careful when letting them in the advertisement. This is because the advertisement is published to the public. The public could reach the information easily through reading the newspaper and magazine, or watching the television programs, or even listening to the radio. When the advertisement could be reached to the public, the company should be careful and responsible to their advertisement. The more popular of the advertisement, the more careful the company or organisation should be aware of what is wanted to publish. This is because the advertisement could influence anyone, including the children. When doing the advertisement, the company or organisation have to know the society is formed by different level of the people. The public is coming from different background. Therefore, when doing the advertisement, the company or any organisation have to be careful with their content. According to Kherathithanakann (2010) every people is come from different society and have different background such as gender, age, race, religion, culture, education, need or demand,
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