Ethical Values In Nursing

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Recognition and definition of nursing ethical values in various communities can help nurses have mutual understanding in international level. It can also bring nurses closer to reach a common meaning of care in patients with different cultures. However, there is a paucity of research particularly in the Iranian context to deeply explore nursing ethical values. Therefore, in the first step, the main aim of the study was to identify and explore nursing ethical values reflected in nursing texts. This search was then used to prepare the code of ethics and clinical guidelines for Iranian nurses, along with other documents and evidence. Results of other aspects of the study have been reported in other articles from the researchers.
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Brier-Mackie suggests that nurses' focus on care and nurture, rather than cure of illness, results in a distinctive ethics. Furthermore, nursing ethics emphasizes the ethics of everyday practice rather than moral dilemmas. Nursing ethics is more concerned with developing the caring relationship than broader principles, such as beneficence and justice. For example, a concern to promote beneficence may be expressed in traditional medical ethics by the exercise of paternalism, where the health professional makes a decision based upon a perspective of acting in the patient's best interests. However, it is argued by some that this approach acts against person-centered values found in nursing ethics. The distinction can be examined from different theoretical angles. Despite the move toward more deontological themes by some, there continues to be an interest in virtue ethics. In nursing ethics and some support for an ethic of the car. This is considered by its advocates to emphasize relationships over abstract principles and therefore to reflect the caring relationship in nursing more accurately than other ethical views. Themes that emphasize the dignity of the patient by promoting a respectful and caring attitude from nurses are also commonly seen. According to Baille Let al., (2008) Nurses have an obligation to defend the dignity of those in their care. Rumbold, G (1999) emphasizes on the ability of the nurse to respond to vulnerable patients by providing dignified care which is a key concept in the field of nursing. This goes hand in hand with the standard ethical theory of respecting dignity for people and their autonomous choices, enabling them to make decisions about their own treatment. Among other things, this grounds the practice of informed consent that should be respected by the nurse, although much of the debate lies in the discussion of cases
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