Ethical Science Of Shopping

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It is so nice to have access to the things people need to buy in stores. Whether it is the newest style of clothing in the right side of the store, or the maple syrup in aisle four. Retail anthropologists makes it convenient for customers and shoppers to find the things they need easily. There is no harm in studying the Science of Shopping. Malcolm Gladwell would disagree. He believes that hidden cameras and having records of shoppers’ history receipt is manipulative and unethical. While others might share the same beliefs as Gladwell, others argue there is a benefit from the surveillance of consumers by retail anthropologists such as helping consumers find the products they want to buy, helping the economy, and giving consumers a better shopping…show more content…
He also founded Envirosell, “a behavioral research and consulting firm with 10 offices globally,” (ICSC, “Paco Underhill Biography”) as well as being the CEO of the company. Envirosell is the company shopping businesses go to for advice on what certain items should be placed. The placement for products is placed where they are because of consumers. For example, retail anthropologists sees that majority of the consumers go to the aisle where the s 'mores ingredients are during the summer. They will advise stores to put the ingredients in front of the entrance so that it is more convenient for shoppers to locate them. There is no other hidden agenda other than benefiting shoppers. Some might find the idea of companies going through past customers ' records unethical, but it is solely for research. Retail anthropologists can learn a lot about what customers wants in order to serve them more efficiently when they…show more content…
Not everyone is actually aware of this type of study until they are told. So really, no one feels uncomfortable when how they are shopping is being reviewed. Retail anthropologists carefully studies shoppers on which part of the store they go to first, where they stay the most, what products they buy more often, etc. Those factor comes into play with how they organize the stores people shop at. They know what people what to buy, so they make it that it is more at customers reach giving them a better shopping
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