Ethical Responsibilities In Criminal Justice

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Various populations are served by the criminal justice profession and included among the needs are having their rights protected, their own safety secure and also the safety of their homes and possessions secure, and having correct investigations done concerning them. For the most part, the majority of individuals are aware that those serving in authority wear uniforms which represent their role in criminal justice, such as judges, police officers and related personnel. Known to a lesser extent is that criminal justice professionals work with people from all walks of life, including families, the homeless, addicts, informants, court officials, and the public at large. In general, criminal justice professionals are regarded positively and with respect since they possess authority; however, police officers often get a bad reputation for the abuse of power, as do some court officials, causing a negative perception to also exist for these specialists. Notably, criminal justice professionals deal with personal and property protection, in addition, they enforce laws while serving a wide array of individuals (criminals, victims, and others with a diversity of needs) while aligning to the duties and responsibilities of the profession which includes protective, investigative and enforcement tasks. Protecting the rights of the accused is an essential element of the criminal justice job because otherwise the wrong person could be accused and the real criminal could be set free. One example of the responsibility of a law enforcement personnel is the arrest of suspected criminals. When a person is suspected of a crime, the police make an arrest, doing this allows police officers to interrogate suspects and, as a result allows a case to be mov... ... middle of paper ... ...stice professionals serve to protect lives and property. They are given the tasks of enforcing laws, investigating crimes or possible crimes, and maintaining safety and security, while also charged with responding to emergency situations, such as active shooter scenes. It is a career field that carries a lot of responsibility, including setting a good example as a representative of the communities in which these individuals serve. Thankfully, many appreciate the efforts of those working in this field, but there are those who may not appreciate all that the job entails for those entrusted with their positions in the field. Therefore, it behooves those working in criminal justice to stay current on any developments in their areas of expertise and in the profession at large, as well as to abide by the oaths taken in securing their positions of trust and authority.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that criminal justice professionals are regarded positively and with respect since they possess authority; however, police officers get a bad reputation for the abuse of power.
  • Explains that protecting the rights of the accused is an essential element of a criminal justice job.
  • Explains how a criminal justice professional meets the needs of the homeless by representing them in court, even if they can't pay.
  • Explains that a criminal justice professional specializes in corporate law and can protect businesses from lawsuits made without merit.
  • Explains that the public isn't aware of the responsibilities and duties of a criminal justice professional, but some of what they do is not made public.
  • Analyzes how people perceive the criminal justice system as a whole as being "lost" and doesn't know what it is doing.
  • Opines that if people understood more about how police work actually "works," wouldn't there be fewer negative feelings about them?
  • Opines that criminal justice professionals serve the needs of the accused, the homeless, and businesses in various ways.
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