Ethical Relativism: A Critique: There Is A Universal Moral Standards?

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Argument from moral variability, as we discuss in our philosophy class, it is an argument to support Ethical Relativism, this argument claims that since different people have different moral standards, so there is no universal moral standard. As Stace claimed in his essay “ Ethical Relativism: A Critique”, “For the absolutist there is a single universal moral standard. For the relativist there is no such standard. There are only local, ephemeral, and variable standards.”(Stace, para 7). What Stace indicated in his argument is: people form different moral standards based on their backgrounds, circumstances, and ages, one thing treated right for this group may be treated wrong for the other group. From a personal perspective, I don’t agree with…show more content…
So we have laws to obey, have regulations to follow. As all the schools tell their students that cheating is seriously wrong, if students cheat in their exams, they will be punished severely, even being expelled, so all the students have to study hard in order to get good grades instead of cheating others’ answers or using their smart phones to search for the answers. This is one of the moral facts, and if it isn’t, nobody needs to read their textbooks and do their assignment, everyone can cheat in the exams, and the school has no reason to punish these people, because their own moral standard is “cheating is right, it is one tool to help me get good grades.”, and no one can judge their behavior to be false, since there is no a certain standard. As a matter of fact, many of our government’s laws are connected with moral standards, such as speed limit, no alcohol while driving, fraud and murder. These laws are based on the moral standards that harm other lives is wrong. If there is no speed limit, people can drive as quickly as they want on the highway, the city would be ruined with car accident. If there is no limit of pollution, our earth would be ruined by noxious
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