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Being a professional in the Field of Psychology requires high moral values, and is essential in all work environments and fields of practice. Morals are defined by a person’s attitude, maturity, and willingness to promote fairness regardless of any situation. Having no morals or values can potentially put a professional at risk of breaking the establish standards known as the American Psychological Association Ethnical Code of Conduct.

The Code was established to promote high regard in ones works and to ensure that correct practices are being used at all time. It also ensures that professionals treat patients with respect and make knowledgeable of best practices in regarding the services rendered to them. All the standards are very important in the field and are essential for the promotion of the Field of Psychology. The standard that stood out the most to me was Standard #1 Resolving Ethical Issues. Standard #1 Resolving Ethical Issues of the ethics code is very beneficial in the practice of Psychology. There are many potential ethnic violations that can be broken, which the Ethics Code helps professionals have a better understanding in regard to them and eliminate any situations that may come as a potential do so. The Standard has 8 sub standards that fall under it. I will give a overview of the Standard #1 Resolving Ethical Issues and explain how will it be a strategical part of future professional endeavors.

Standard 1.01 Misuse of Psychologists' Work, references that if their is suspected misuse of a professional’s work, it is their responsibility to correct the matter. This is an unique situation and should be taken under a lot of consideration when practicing. This mostly happens when a psychology professio...

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