Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Analysis

Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Analysis


It has become a growing epidemic for company’s to regulate their

ethical and legal standings. From the employee’s working within the

company, to those consumers taking in the products and services that

the company is shelling out, these specifics are things that just

about everyone would like to know. Within each company whether they

conduct their business exclusively online, if they are strictly brick

and mortar, or even if they dabble a little bit into both to conduct

their consumer base, they all have standards that need to be

regulated, of which the most talked about are the ethical and legal

standings of a company. Discussed below are the backgrounds of three

separate entity’s and how they stand in each format, as well as, the

regulatory procedures in order to keep things running smoothly.


As one of the leading online bookstores, must take steps to

ensure it engages in ethical business practices in order to gain the

trust and loyalty of their customers. Since many online consumers are

concerned about the privacy and confidentiality of their personal

information, has established a detailed privacy notice and

made it available on their web site so all consumers have the

opportunity to review and understand how utilizes their


According to’s Privacy Notice (,

receives and gathers information from consumers through information

provided by consumers, automatic information, e-mail communication and

information received from other sources. Information that

receives from con...

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