Ethical Leadership Framework Essay

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The above explored the concept of ethical leadership and how the theory has developed in modern context. Let’s now turn our attention to the core elements of ethical leadership. What does it mean to lead in an ethical manner?

Components of ethical leadership framework

The above showed how ethics and ethical behaviour could manifest in a number of different ways. The idea of ‘doing the right thing’ can depend on your approach and whether you focus on the means or the end goals, for example. Therefore, ethical leadership requires a solid framework to work. There are three core components of ethical leadership framework:

• Internal uniformity – Different elements within the organisation must be ethically consistent and not have contradictions.
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First, the leader’s ethical framework should always align with that of the organisation he or she is leading. Consider the example of having to lead an organisation that believes the leader should solely do decision-making, whereas you are a strong believer in collaboration. The ideologies will clash and cause problems. The exemption to the rule is a situation where the organisation is seeking for a leader to change the current ethical framework.
The above also points out to another important implication of ethical leadership. The leadership theory strongly encourages the leader to place the vision and mission of the organisation at the core of decision-making. Therefore, the basis for the framework and decision-making should always be accomplishing and following the organisation’s mission statement and existing framework.
The other important step is to ensure the ethical framework guiding the leadership is visible and part of the larger conversation within the company. Ethical leadership should always be explained, as well as re-examined. Subordinates have the right to understand why decisions are made the way they are and to have their own say about things. As mentioned before, ethical leadership is not a static state; therefore, different opinions and changes within the organisation will and should influence the framework and shape it to match the
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This means that ethical leadership encourages and empowers others to take the lead. It has a big mentoring component attached to it, which calls for people to experience the difficulties of leadership. The idea of this is to guarantee an organisation is never in a position where leadership is not available.
Finally, ethical framework alone won’t help achieve ethical leadership. In the theory, ethical thought must always be followed by action. Holding ethical principles is not enough to constitute to ethical leadership.

Integrating ethical leadership

In terms of integrating ethical leadership and ethical framework into an organisation, the focus on openness and communication is the key. Linda Fisher Thornton established seven practices to integrating ethical leadership into an organisation in her 2013 book 7 Lenses: Learning the Principles and Practices of Ethical Leadership.

Facing the complexity making ethical decisions bring about

As mentioned earlier, communication is key for ethical leadership. The framework must be outlined clearly and people should be aware of the ethical standards in use. Furthermore, the decision-making process should be openly discussed, even when it requires difficult
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