Ethical Issues In Medical Technology Essay

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Medical Technology and Ethical Issues Just a few days ago terrorist attack the Paris where many people die and injured, and run on the emergency rooms. I cannot imagen how the chaos that existed especially for all of the doctors that tried to save them. In the article “Medical Technology and Ethical Issues” William E. Thomson and Joseph V. Hickey point out that discuss sociological and ethical issues related to medical technology that also try to save life. There are some argument about overreliance on new computerize system to make important decision about the patients treatment. Also, medical technology is going to change future but “where do we draw line”? In the article “Medical Technology and Ethical Issues”. The authors describe that how computerize system uses in emergency rooms. The RIP is a computer program which is helping the doctors make knowledgeable decision about whether to manage life treatments or just patients to die. Program investigate all of the input on specific patient and makes prognosis on the probability…show more content…
I think people are relying on computer too much. They cannot think that it is a machine and humans are creating it which always makes wrong decision 5 presentence of all situation. “Medical ethicist Arthur Caplan of Philadelphia argues that computer should not be used to make decision about the allocation of medical resources to patients and point out that the computer will be wrong in about all case”( Thompson and Hickey, 2011 para 3). Also, hospital staff may give wrong information into computer during the busy emergency room life. Hoops! What happen know? RIP is just print out information, it does not have any ability to see consequences. Technology developing so fast we need to either wait what is going to happen or we should draw a line somewhere because some people try to use The RIP for illegal staff not only making they life
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