Ethical Implications Of Outsourcing Financial Services

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Outsourcing financial services is a risk that can endure expensive losses. A company can easily lose control of operations and lead itself away from its goals. Loss of controls on company activities and services can occur without proper coordination and communication. Financial firms that outsource their activities must have trust in their third party. The third party should be aware of what needs to be accomplished, and in what period of time. Without coordination, a company loses valuable time and money. A firm should clearly establish objectives and communicate constantly with its outsourced entity, to ensure operations and services are carried out successfully. For most firms, outsourcing is a cost saving strategy that can minimize operational…show more content…
However, this creates a problem in the host country, as there are fewer jobs. This impacts the economy because it increases the unemployment rate.

Outsourcing financial services is unethical because it raises concerns relating quality, security and cultural differences. When discussing company activities and controls, the first ethical implication that arises is quality of service. Outsourcing results in low-quality output. For a financial firm this would mean consumers are not receiving exceptional service as they would if business activity were at the host country or they are having problems with the service received. Low-quality output negatively impacts a firm as it could result in a loss of consumers. Consumers may find the firm to be untrustworthy or unreliable and may want to switch to different providers. Consumers could also spread a negative word of mouth about the firm,
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Particularly, those that take the time to properly structure an agreement that drives cost reduction, takes advantage of outside providers best practices, clearly defines scope and service levels that meet the company’s needs (Savitz, 2013). However, for some financial firms it may be better to insource company activities. Reasons for this are failure to meet expectations, desire for In-house expertise and marketplace pressures. Failure to meet expectations is most common in the financial services industry. Companies may find that services from an outside provider cost more than expected due to hidden costs. There is also a notion of geographic separation and state of the economy when dealing with a third party. An unstable economy can affect company activities by degrading efficiency and quality of services. Outsourcing is a major cause of job less, which makes it an unethical practice. Insourcing business activities create a desire for In-house expertise, creating jobs. Companies also receive benefits such as faster market product cycles, revenue generation, greater innovation and protection of intellectual property (Savitz, 2013). Insourcing is the better practice because it allows companies to avoid marketplace pressures. An example of a marketplace pressure is wage inflation. Wage inflation in outsourcing markets puts pressure on providers to find alternative ways to control
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